700 Santana Row Office Building — San Jose, CA

Federal Realty Investment Trust retained Cornerstone Earth Group, Inc. to provide environmental and geotechnical engineering services for a split 5- and 8-story building that will house approximately 230,000 square feet of office space, 32,000 square feet of ground floor retail, and provide parking in a one-level underground garage. Targeting LEED Silver, sustainable features include cool roofs, water efficient landscaping and irrigation design, and use of recycled materials.  Founded in 1962,  Federal Realty is a recognized leader in the ownership, operation and redevelopment of high-quality retail based on properties located primarily in major coastal markets.  The architect is WRNS Studio; the General Contractor is Devcon Construction.

Santana Row comprises approximately 45 acres in west San Jose. The property was used for orchards and other agricultural purposes until the early 1960s, at which time the original Town & Country Village Shopping Center and an automobile dealership were constructed. The previous agricultural land use resulted in the accumulation of pesticides, arsenic, and lead in surface soil at the property.   As part of the redevelopment, the property was remediated under the Department of Toxic Substances Control oversight.  Santana Row is now known for its upscale shopping, dining and entertainment.

Cornerstone’s Value Added Benefits:

  • Observation and testing during mass grading, foundation excavations, shoring installation, utility trench backfill and more.
  • Dust monitoring during excavation activities to document (and mitigate if needed) potential impact to surrounding businesses.
  • Soil profiling to develop cost effective disposal alternatives.
  • Coordination with the Department of Toxic Substances Control in Site development activities, including the placement of the pesticide impacted soil beneath the garage slab, saving millions of dollars in off-haul and disposal fees.