Santana Row Office Development (Lot 11) — San Jose

Federal Realty Investment Trust retained Cornerstone Earth Group to provide geotechnical and environmental engineering services for a 6-story commercial/office complex with a 4-level subterranean garage.  The project included the deepest excavation in San Jose at its time with cuts up to 48 feet.  The office complex and parking garage have footprints of 230,000 and 271,000 square feet, respectively.

Cornerstone’s Value Added Benefits:

Cornerstone provided geotechnical engineering services during construction:

  • Observation and testing of soil nail and tie-back installation to cost effectively address various construction challenges that included perched water, tight construction tolerances, and unexpected subsurface soil conditions.
  • Observation and testing during mass grading, foundation excavations, utility trench backfill, and more.

Cornerstone also provided environmental services:

  • Coordination with state regulatory agency, DTSC, to address environmental restrictions related to former agricultural Site use.
  • Soil profiling to develop cost-effective disposal alternatives.
  • Dust monitoring during excavation activities to document (and mitigate if needed) potential impact to surrounding businesses.