Hillsdale Shopping Center — San Mateo

Bohannon Development Company retained Cornerstone Earth Group to provide geotechnical engineering services for the Redevelopment of the North Block of the Hillsdale Shopping Center. The project includes tenant improvement to areas of the existing shopping center and construction of four new buildings that will house a movie theater, several retail stores and eateries. A central plaza will be constructed between the buildings as shown above in the rendering by the Project Architect ELS Architecture and Urban Design.

Cornerstone’s Value Added Benefits:

  • Cornerstone’s geotechnical engineering and KPFF’s Structural Engineering enabled the existing pier foundations to be upgraded to support the new improvements, significantly reducing building costs by eliminating the need to demolish the existing foundations and to design and construct new foundations.
  • Cornerstone provided recommendations for reuse of on site improvements, such as apshalt concrete (AC) grindings, reducing import and export costs.
  • Cornerstone installed a ground water observation well and monitored the ground water levels to provide a more refined estimate of the design ground water depth. Using this accepted methodology, the design ground water level was lowered from initial estimates which reduced project costs.