The Graduate, 88 E. San Carlos Street — San Jose, CA

The Graduate is a 260 unit/1,039 bed off-campus student housing project located on a 1.5-acre site within one block of San Jose State University (SJSU) in San Jose, California.  It will be a newly constructed property designed to meet the needs of SJSU students.  The new community will include an upscale, high-rise, mixed-use building that will offer furnished student housing and includes:

  • One, 19-story, L-shaped, high-rise building with student-oriented amenities;
  • A three-story parking deck and an amenities deck above the parking deck, on the back side of the high-rise building;
  • An amenities deck including a building with an exercise center, a swimming pool with sundeck, sports courts, picnic area, and landscaping; and
  • 14,750 square-feet retail space in the first floor of the high-rise building.

The developers, AMCAL Swenson, are a joint venture who retained Cornerstone Earth Group, Inc. to provide environmental and geotechnical engineering services.  Swenson is the Design Project Architect and the General Contractor on the project.

Celebrating 40 years of real estate development success, AMCAL develops affordable, market-rate and student rental housing in California, Texas and Washington that improves the lives of residents and enhances their futures. Incorporating outstanding design, topflight amenities, quality construction and sustainable building standards, AMCAL apartments are long-term community assets sought after by tenants, municipalities and universities.

For over one hundred years, the Swenson family has been a dynamic partner in building Northern California with a focus in Downtown San Jose. Four generations of expertise, along with a proven Design-Develop-Build platform, deliver creative design, quality developments and efficient construction practices.  Cornerstone has worked on over 15 tower projects with Swenson in the Downtown San Jose area.

Cornerstone’s Value-Added Benefits:

  • Recommended the use of drilled displaced column (DDC) ground improvement with mat foundations to support the heavy loads, minimize settlement, and mitigate compressible clayey and liquefiable sandy soils.  This cost-effective design reduced the foundation cost over a conventional deep foundation system.
  • Provided alternatives for stabilizing the basement level subgrade to continue working through wet weather conditions.
  • Created a sampling and analysis program that assisted AMCAL Swenson in selecting a cost-effective disposal facility for the approximately 20,000 cubic yards of soil that required off-haul to accommodate construction of the project.
  • Acted as the liaison between the local regulatory environmental agencies involved in the project and provided the required environmental documentation to help AMCAL Swenson secure their construction funding for the development.