Glass Bay Residential Development, Newark, CA

Trumark Homes, a California-based homebuilding company, retained Cornerstone Earth Group, Inc. to provide environmental and geotechnical engineering services for a 217-unit single family residential development on a 21-acre property in Newark. The Site is part of the Dumbarton Transit Oriented Development (TOD) that includes approximately 233 acres of land that has contained various industrial, manufacturing, chemical processing and salt production facilities since the early twentieth century. Trumark Homes’ project manager for Glass Bay is Veronica Vargas (925-999-3975), who worked with multiple agencies, the City of Newark, and project consultants and the neighbors to successfully obtain project entitlements and approvals for the development. The design team also consists of KTGY Group Inc. and WHA Inc. (architecture), Van Dorn Abed Landscape Architects, Inc., and Carlson Barbee & Gibson (civil engineering).

Cornerstone’s Value Added Benefits:

  • Worked proactively with Trumark and the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board to accelerate the cleanup of the property. These efforts resulted in the completion of a successful soil remediation program in 2016 that resulted in the Water Board’s approval of residential development.
  • Designed a vapor barrier system underneath residences to effectively eliminate vapor intrusion concerns (the movement of chemical vapors from contaminated ground water or soil into a nearby building), resulting in the safest possible indoor air quality for future residents.
  • Obtained geologic hazard clearance from the City of Newark by analyzing both Cone Penetration Test (CPT) and conventional borings as part of our detailed seismic hazard evaluation.
  • Evaluated stiffened foundation alternatives to address potential liquefaction settlement.
  • Observation and testing during import fill, mass grading, foundation construction, utility trench backfill, and street construction that included recommendations for geotextile fabric and grid to “bridge” over unstable wet soils.