John R. Dye, P.E., G.E.

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Phone: (925) 988-9500 ext. 210

John has over 29 years of geotechnical engineering experience, including extensive subsurface investigations, construction observation and management, analysis and design, cost estimating, and project management for public works, educational, residential, commercial and industrial developments throughout Central and Northern California. John has extensive design and analysis experience in soft soil settlement, slope stability analyses, and surcharge design analyses of compressible soil sites; liquefaction mitigation studies, water tank investigations; roadway and fill slope construction, landslide repairs, hillside grading, and expansive soils. His experience encompasses the design and analysis of both shallow and deep foundations, including shallow footings, conventional and post-tensioned mats, driven piles, augercast and large diameter drilled shafts, and ground improvement, as well as design for industrial slabs-on-grade, retaining structures, construction shoring, asphalt, concrete and pervious pavements, and soil stabilization using geotextile fabric, geogrid, cement and lime.