Since our inception in 2007, our firm has demonstrated successful growth each subsequent year because we provide cost-effective and responsive geotechnical engineering and environmental services to the development and technology communities. We have built our reputation on the ability to professionally plan, research, and execute a wide variety of geotechnical engineering and environmental services on projects that may require a higher level of local expertise and industry knowledge than many of our competitors can provide. Utilizing our extensive local experience, we excel in delivering intelligent solutions to complex problems, mainly for our Bay Area clients.
We love working with Cornerstone Earth Group, Inc.! It is a fabulous company with great people.
— Principal Project Manager, David J. Powers & Associates, Inc.
Collectively, we are committed to delivering quality service while adding value to your project. As our President Ron Helm says, “For every dollar you spend with Cornerstone, our goal is to save you $10 dollars in construction.” We develop our services by listening to you and your design team and sharing our experience with you. We provide you the information needed to make educated decisions about your investment. We help minimize the technical and regulatory complexities through strategic solutions that fuse technical expertise with creativity and practicality. For simple to complex geotechnical and environmental concerns, rely on Cornerstone Earth Group’s team of professionals to add value to your plans. We understand the importance of clear and concise communication and of maintaining a consistent project team during the design and construction phases to keep projects on schedule and on budget. A key component of our process is our communications with you, keeping you aware of our progress, and of potential issues as soon as they occur. In addition, we react quickly and nimbly to any changes requested or new work that may be required, addressing these changes in a timely and efficient manner. You will benefit from our value-added engineering services as it reduces your chances of encountering costly obstacles during construction.
Under budget and ahead of schedule! WOW! That and everything else about this project should be relayed to upper management. We were able to complete a project that initially seemed impossible with so many unknowns, uncharted terrain, and political barriers, but we succeeded and completed our end of the bargain… Great job team!
— Supervising Environmental Specialist, City of San Jose
Achieving the desired results is a responsibility we take seriously, and over the years we have grown our business by doing just that—taking our responsibility seriously. We earn your trust by delivering on our promises and meeting the expectations of our customers and partners, one project at a time, every time. We are defined by our willingness to go the extra inch, extra yard, or extra mile—whatever it takes—until everything meets your requirements. We don’t consider our obligation to be fulfilled on the completion date, but on the day that you tell us you are satisfied with the result.
Thank you Danh! Not used to seeing “ahead of schedule” in this day and age! Much appreciated.
— CEO, Skybox
At Cornerstone Earth Group our culture informs and influences everything that we do. Respect for one another, our clients, and our partners, are at the core of our values. The guiding Cornerstone principles for our success are 1) be exceptional; 2) add value; 3) learn and improve; and 4) have fun. We place the highest importance on teamwork and team building, which has led to enduring friendships amongst our staff and long-term relationships with our clients. Pride, performance, respect, and friendship are the foundations we try to build on every day. Our philosophy is actually very simple, we aspire to treat everyone we work with in the same way we would like to be treated.
Thank you so much for this quick turnaround… We really appreciate how fast you and your team have jumped on this.
— Vice President, Sares Regis